Q: Should I store my nail polish or nail strips in the refrigerator?

A: No. It is reported that not only may your traditional liquid nail polish crystalize in the refrigerator, but it may slow the over-thickening of the thickening agents in your nail polish. Some reports state that refrigeration may slow down the discoloration that happens as liquid nail polish ages. It is recommended that if you DO store your liquid nail polish in the refrigerator, you remove it and bring it to room temperature before opening. Opening nail polish that is chilled may cause the water condensation to affect the quality.

Color Street
It Is Not Advised to Store Nail Polish in Your Refrigerator (Google Images)

Just like traditional liquid nail polish, you should not store your Color Street Nail Polish Strips in the refrigerator. Storing your nail strips in the refrigerator will dry them out and you will loose all the soft, pliable characteristics of your nail strips.





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