The research and development for non-liquid nail polish began in 1988, and with more than 20 years of advancements in innovation, Color Street’s parent company Incoco has opened an entirely new category in the cosmetics industry. Incoco is the first and only manufacturer of 100% real nail polish appliqués – taking nail polish out of the bottle and transforming it into self-stick strips. 

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. HENRY DAVID THOREAU

Color Street fuses together multiple coats of high-quality liquid nail polish into a single strip that results in brilliant, salon-quality manicures in just a few minutes! With this revolutionary and globally patented technology, Color Street offers more than beautiful shades, finishes, and designs – the nail polish strips bring innovation and convenience to modern women everywhere.

Paint the Town in Color Street Color

We have a unique product that is so amazingly easy to use and once your friends and family experience the Color Street 100% nail polish strips… they will be hooked too! We solve the problem of “naked nails” in a matter of minutes. It’s so easy that you’ll want to share the love of this instant, salon-quality manicures with everyone in your home town.

Life is too short to have naked nails. JILL THOMPSON

Paint the Town in Color Street



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